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New Boats For Sale in Florida

New Boats For Sale in Florida

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Used Boats For Sale in Florida

Used Boats For Sale in Florida

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Boatzon finally makes buying a boat easy, and fun. Boatzon brings the dealership to your doorstep with transparent pricing and instant pre-qualification for financing and insurance from the comfort of your home. In just a few minutes, you can pre-qualify for financing, see your estimated insurance quote, set your video or in-person appointment to see the boat, and even choose to pick it up or ship it to your house. It's that easy.

Florida Boat Buyer’s Guide

How To Purchase a Boat in Florida

Buying a boat can be a stressful process, especially if you are buying a used boat or from a private seller in Florida. Typically, when you buy a boat from a dealer, you can have some confidence that that boat was maintained and certified for a resale. However, buying a boat for sale by do you know this is true?

A private seller may be more motivated to sell the boat and give you a better price than a dealer would have. Buying a boat for sale by owner in Florida requires you to be a little experienced and "boat savvy" to see possible issues that may arise. Because once you leave that parking lot with a boat for sale by owner, you're on your own with no warranty.

With all that said, download the Florida Boat Buyer's Checklist to assist you on buying your boat with confidence.

Download Florida Boat Buyer's Checklist

Do I need to register my boat in Florida?

Yes, you need to register your boat in Florida if it meets the following requirements below.

  1. All motorized boats, regardless of length, must be registered and titled in Florida.
  2. Any non-motorized boat that is 16 feet or longer also requires registration and titling in Florida

Below are a few exemptions when you do not need to register or title a boat in Florida.

  1. Boats operated and used exclusively on private lakes or ponds.
  2. Non-motorized vessels less than 16 feet in length.
  3. All canoes, kayaks, or row boats that are powered by hand.

How and where do I register a boat in Florida?

You can register your boat at any county tax collector's office or any license plate agency in Florida. You can find a list of locations by visiting the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) website:


Phone: 1-850-922-5979

How much does it cost to register a boat in Florida?

The costs of registering your boat in Florida vary depending primarily on the length of the vessel. Registration fees can range from $5.50 for a boat less than 12 feet then ranging higher for larger size boats. There might also be a title fee between $8 - $15 and sales tax fee of 6% of the selling price plus 1% of the first $5000.

Do I need a boating license in Florida?

Florida doesn't require a "boating license" as you would need for driving a car. However, there are boating safety education classes and requirements that apply to most boat owners.

Who is required to have a boater safety education card:

  • Anyone born on or after January 1, 1988, who wants to own and operate a motorized boat of 10hp or more in Florida must complete a boater safety course and obtain a Boating Safety Education Identification Card.

Who does not need a boater safety education card:

  • Anyone born before January 1, 1988 are exempt from the educational requirement.
  • Owners and operators of non-motorized boats or motorized boats under 10hp do not need a safety or education card.

How do I get a boating license in Florida?

So, it is not really a "license", but you can complete a boating safety education course and obtain a Boating Safety Education Identification Card (BSEID).

How to get a BSEID:

  • You can choose to do online, or in-person courses approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

A list of approved courses can be found here:

  • Each course provider has exam that must pass.
  • Upon passing your exam, most online courses allow you to print a temporary certificate immediately or if you did an in-person exam you may receive a certificate at the training facility.
  • Your official BSEID card will arrive by mail within 2-3 weeks.

Additional resources:

FWC Boating Safety Education page:

How much is boat storage in Florida?

Boat storage costs in Florida vary based on the type of storage, the boating season, as well as the location of the storage. Below are some average prices of boat storage in Florida.

  • Dry Stack Storage: ranging from $8-$18 per foot per month. Dry stack offers protection from theft, elements, as well as storms.
  • Wet Slip Storage: ranging from $5-$30 per foot per month. Keeps your boat in the water, but less secure than a dry stack storage.
  • Trailer Storage: ranging from $30-$100 per month. Require transporting your boat yourself.

Keep in mind, larger boats naturally cost more to store and coastal areas are generally more expensive than inland locations.

Is boat insurance required in Florida?

Boat insurance is not legally required in Florida. But if you obtain a boat loan and finance a boat, a lender will typically require you to have insurance to protect their investment. Also, if you plan to store your boat at a marina, the marina may also require insurance if you dock your boat at their facility.

While boat insurance is not required in Florida, it is highly recommended to have insurance. Boat insurance can cover theft, physical boat damage, hurricanes or storms, and medical coverage for you and your loved ones.

Inspecting a boat & sea trial tips

After narrowing down your search, now it is time to schedule an in-person boat inspection. If it is a used boat, we recommend bringing a certified mechanic with you and always conduct an engine compression test. Depending on the type of boat, we also recommend conducting a proper sea trial on the water as well.

During the inspection, evaluate the boat’s structure, engine, bilge components, and electrical systems. We put a few tips below:

  • Take your time and turn everything on and off. Depending on the type of boat, this can include light switches, bilge switches, live well pumps, and windlass switches.

  • Walk around the boat and look for any “soft spots”

  • Look for signs of damage that could have come from an accident or even the boat sinking.

  • Take a 5-gallon bucket of water and pour it in the bilge to make sure all pumps and safety components works properly.

  • If conducting a sea trial, throttle the engine(s) to variable RPMs and pay close attention to the engines and how they sound. For example, throttle to 2500 RPMs, then 3000 RPMs, then 4000-4500 RPMs.

Buying a Florida boat required documents

Once you have negotiated the price, seen the boat in-person, and are happy with your inspection, now it is time to organize your purchase steps. First and foremost, make sure the boat dealer or private seller has a clean title for the boat. We outlined a few steps and provided sample documents below to ensure you are safely purchasing a boat in Florida.

  • Ask the boat seller to provide a Bill Of Sale. This is a simple document outlining the details of the boat purchase, price, and seller and buyer details. You can download a sample Bill of Sale document here: Sample Bill of Sale Download
  • The boat seller will have to provide the title to you for signing. This can also be done at a local tag agency to transfer the boat title to you as the new owner. Depending on the type of boat and size, you may have to pay registration fees and tax on the boat.
  • If you're buying from a private seller, confirm the private seller’s name is on the title and ask to see his or her driver’s license or ID.
  • Ask the dealer or boat seller for any boat, engine, or accessories documents, warranties, or maintenance records.

Discover Florida & Boating Destinations

Wisconsin Boat Buying Market

Florida Boat Buying Market Report

The Florida boat buying market and pricing for boats, which went off the charts during the COVID pandemic, is returning to normal. Boat demand in Florida also decreased with the big increase in loan rates. Bottom line, Florida boat sales and boat prices have cooled off a bit. The pandemic rose prices 20% and higher in our opinion. Today, you can expect to negotiate hard with a Florida seller. Dealers are not selling as many boats today, the number of buyers decreased, and inventory is stacking up, so we grade Florida as an A- for a time to buy.

Buying Report Card: A-

Selling Report Card: C

Trade-In Report Card: C-

Boat Loan Market: D (high rates)

Cheap boats for sale in Florida

Cheap Boats for Sale in Florida

Looking for cheap boats for sale in Florida? With the surge in demand and rising boat prices, it is hard to find affordable boats these days.

Discover below affordable and cheap boats for sale in Florida on Boatzon.

Remarkably in 2022, new boat prices in Florida saw an average increase of 10%. We will see this trend continue with a projected rise of 2-7% in 2024 and 2025. So why are these price surging happing? The COVID-19 pandemic fueled many supply chain and material shortages, and also created 40-year high inflation levels in the nation. Cost of materials, labor, gas, and transport have put pressure on boat prices. Furthermore, the Covid pandemic also saw an increase of boat buyers and people wanting to get on the water as a safe recreational activity with the family. If you put all this in a formula, it equates to perfect storm of rising boat prices.

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sell your boat or trade-in

Trading In your Florida Boat?

A Florida boat trade-in is very similar to an auto trade-in. A dealer will inspect your Florida boat and give you a value or price for your boat. The value given by the dealer will be applied against the purchase price of your new boat. Keep in mind, the dealer needs to sell this boat for more than the trade-in price offered to you. You may be able to get a few bucks more, however the trade-in process eliminates possible fixes you may have, listing the boat, meeting potential buys, and more importantly time wasted to get your new boat.

Tip: There are possible tax advantages in doing a trade-in. too. You may only pay sales tax on the new boat price MINUS the value of the trade-in.

We offer a free tool for you to get an estimate on what a dealer will offer you for your trade-in boat. Click here to see your boat's trade-in value

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Florida boats for sale

Discover Boating in Florida

There’s nowhere for boating like Florida. Between the Everglades, the abundant coastline, and the year-round gorgeous weather, it’s no wonder that the state is considered a sailing paradise! Of course, a sailboat isn’t your only option. Locals and tourists alike hit the water all year round in paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, and motorboats to explore Florida’s stunning waterways.

The Florida Keys Any boating enthusiast will want to make it to the Florida Keys. This 100-mile stretch of islands extends off the southern coast of the state, offering an unparalleled experience of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. With 1,700 islands, there are countless things to explore — from world-class dining to sun-soaked beaches, watersports, fishing, and much more. But to no one’s surprise, it’s also an extremely popular spot for boating. Where else will you get the chance to strike out on the open ocean in your own kayak and explore one of the most interesting and diverse ecosystems in the United States?

St. Lucie Inlet Florida is full of places for boating, and some, like St. Lucie Inlet, might get overlooked. But this comparatively quieter destination is worth the trip, especially if you love fishing. The inlet is sometimes called the Sailfish Capital of the World. Anglers flock here to drop a line for snooker, tarpon, pompano, and much more.

That’s not to mention the other attractions of Port St. Lucie. It’s a great spot for visitors who want to lounge on the beach or hit up some great dining venues. Since it’s not as in demand as some of Florida’s larger destinations, you’re less likely to have to fight crowds. Instead, you’ll enjoy a trip of sand, sunshine, and the unique culture of Port St. Lucie that’s unlike anywhere else.

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Florida boating destinations

Florida Boating Destinations

Learn and explore some the best boating destinations in Florida. From Florida destinations in the Southernmost Key West, to the Gulf Coast, to the historic everglades, we have featured the top places to boat in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular boat types in Florida?

The most popular boat types purchased in Florida are center consoles, pontoon, ski and wakeboard, deck boats, bay boats, motoryacht, bowriders, and aluminum fishing boats.

What are the most popular boat brands in Florida?

The most popular and common boat brands in Florida are Contender, Boston Whaler, Malibu, Sea Ray, Bennington, Sun Tracker, Yamaha boats, Scout boats, Grady-White, Bayliner, and Ranger boats.

What time of year are boats cheapest in Florida?

The short answer is winter. The boating season as well as the boat buying market slows down in the winter. Less demand equals better deals, so use the winter months to your advantage to negotiate.

How to buy a boat on Boatzon?

Finally, it's easy to buy a boat. Boatzon brings the dealership to your doorstep with transparent pricing and instant pre-qualification for financing and insurance from the comfort of your home.

Below is a link to buying a boat on Boatzon tutorial: Buying a Boat on Boatzon Tutorial

Are boats for sale on Boatzon offered by dealers?

Yes, boats on are listed by independent dealers across the country. Boatzon currently lists almost 100,000 boats for sale by over 2,000 boat dealers.

How do I connect with a Dealer?

Boatzon offers a 24/7 live chat for boat buyers. If you have any questions on a boat, we'll connect you directly with a dealer for any assistance.

During the process of pre-qualifying for a boat, you will have the opportunity to set an appointment date to view or sea trial your boat. If all goes as planned, all your financing, insurance, protection plans, and documentation from Boatzon will be ready wit your boat keys at the dealership.

Benefits of financing with Boatzon?

Boatzon’s instant pre-qualification process does not impact your credit score.

Boatzon conducts a soft pull on your credit to provide you with a pre-qualification and APR rate options. Boatzon works with 20+ marine banks and lenders to get you the best rate in the market and up to 240-month terms on your loan. With our pre-qualification process, we are typically able to provide same day approvals and some of our lenders can fund your loan in as fast as 24 hours.

Answer a couple of questions in the link below and instantly pre-qualify for your boat! Instantly Pre-Qualify Today!

Does a pre-qualification affect my credit?

Boatzon conducts a soft pull on your credit file, which does not negatively affect your credit score.

Be cautious, other companies may conduct a hard credit inquiry, which may impact your credit score and stay on your credit reports for about two years.

What is the minimum credit score to buy a boat?

Our minimum credit score is 620.

We work hard and help you get approved, even if you have a slightly lower credit score. Keep in mind, lower credit score can mean higher APR rates for a boat purchase.

Can I get boat insurance in Florida?

Boatzon makes it easy to obtain boat insurance in Florida in a few simple steps.

Boatzon provides real-time insurance quotes from the top marine insurance carriers such as Markell, Chubb, and American Modern.

Answer a couple of questions in the link below and shop for your best quotes! Compare Multiple Insurance Quotes Today!

Do boats for sale on Boatzon have warranty?

Many boats for sale on come with hull and or engine warranty.

However, in the process of buying a boat on Boatzon, you can always add a protection plan to your purchase in just a few simple clicks.

Does Boatzon have new and used boats for sale?

Boatzon has one of the largest inventories for both used and new boats for sale.

Why choose Boatzon vs Boat Trader or YachtWorld?

Some sites just list boats, and that's cool. But Boatzon makes the experience and process of buying a boat easy...and fun!

Boatzon offers integrated and real-time financing, insurance, protection packages, and even driveway delivery for your new boat.

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