CA Supply Chain Disclosure

At Boatzon, we have worked hard to become the nation's first boat and marine retailer and attribute our success to remaining true to our core values, which focus on ethical conduct, supporting our local community, and constantly improving. We expect that our associates and business partners share these core values and understand that our local community extends to those who work hard each day to create products that end up in our homes and on our roads.

While this expectation informs how we do business, the State of California asks that we tell you a little more about how Boatzon works with the companies that bring us the products we offer to you:

First and foremost, it is Boatzon's policy not to purchase any products made or acquired in any way through the use of forced labor or human trafficking. Our direct importer commits to following this policy and performs routine audits of factories where our products are made and takes prompt action to maintain compliance with local laws. Similarly, Boatzon's vendors commit to us that the products we purchase comply with all applicable laws.

Because of this expectation, Boatzon does not currently verify, internally or through a third party, their respective product supply chains to evaluate and address the risks of human trafficking and forced labor. Boatzon does not independently audit suppliers to evaluate compliance with our expectation that the supply chains are free from human trafficking and forced labor. Boatzon does not require suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into the final products comply with local anti-trafficking and forced labor laws. While Boatzon expects our associates to share our core values, we do not maintain separate internal accountability standards and procedures for associates or contractors who fail to meet our standards regarding human trafficking and forced labor. Finally, Boatzon does not provide associates or management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management training on human trafficking and forced labor.

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