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White-glove service, nationwide exposure.

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Sell your boat to participating dealers and verified buyers in 3 simple steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Boatzon service to sell my boat?

Boatzon offers two solutions to sell your boat quickly.

1. Get an instant offer from participating boat dealers for your boat -

We provide your boat details and asking price to potentially hundreds of boat dealerships that are looking for your type of boat. We make the selling process fast, simple, and we make sure that you are dealing with a reputable buyer.

2. List your boat with a boat broker –

We provide your boat details to Boatzon’s boat broker network and a broker will work with you on pricing your boat competitively, provide a photo/video package, and marketing your boat on many marketing channels. Your boat will be published on the boat broker website, Boatzon, numerous boat marketplaces, social media, potential boat shows, print, and other marketing strategies.

Getting an instant offer from a dealer is a good option if you would like to sell the boat quickly. You may get an offer for your boat same day and start the selling process of your boat. If you have time to sell your boat and maybe want to sell for a higher price, listing with a boat broker is a good option. It really depends if you want to sell your today, or you have time to have your boat marketed by a leading broker.

Yes, you can market your boat yourself. However, would you sell your house yourself? Or would you use a realtor because the marketing/listing advantages, the management of your showings, negotiations, and closing support. This analogy is similar for selling your boat.

Boatzon works with the leading boat brokers in the industry that invest heavily in all boat marketing channels, exposure, and customer reach. The broker also handles all boat showings, negotiations, sea trials, and the closing process of your boat.

Yes, a boat broker will not only conduct all boat showings and sea trials of you boat but will also handle boat negotiations and all the closing documentation for you. From beginning to end, a boat broker will provide you a white-glove service till your boat is sold.

If you sell your boat to a dealership, you may get a fair wholesale price for your boat. The dealership has to resell your boat, so be aware that the price may be less than selling it directly to a consumer. But it may be safer and faster to sell your boat.

Yes, after inspection or dealership purchase requirements, the dealership will wire the money directly to your bank account.

At closing, the dealership will pay off your loan. The dealership will wire the additional equity amount of the boat to your personal account.

You will need your boat’s title, registration, and any other paperwork related to your boat. It is a plus to also have any maintenance records.


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