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Why Get a Boat Loan with Boatzon?

Instantly pre-Qualify

Getting pre-qualified for a boat loan takes just 2 minutes.

Qualify Regardless of Credit

We’ll show your our best available rates across all lenders - even with poor credit.

Real Monthly and Down Payments

After pre-qualifying for a boat loan, we’ll show you real loan rates, down payments, and monthly terms.

What Makes Boatzon Finance Different?

Low Rates

We work with over 20+ banks and will find you the lowest rate for your boat loan.

Same Day Boat Loan Approvals

We work hard with you to get your boat loan approved same day and funding as fast as 24 hours.

See Your Real Rates Now.

We are the only company able to show you real rates online.

We’ve helped boat buyers purchase over 1 Billion dollars in boat loans


Great experience with the boat buying process.

Michaela year ago

Jeffrey was great!! Very astute and knowledgeable about pathways relating to boat financing. More i

Dwuan Johnsona year ago

My experience with boat was a great experience. Jeffrey S was great to work with he was very

Chris Watkinsa year ago

Jeffrey Steiner was very prompt and very professional on the phone. Thanks much!

Phillip Tobecka year ago

Contact Jeffrey Steiner for all of your boating needs!! He is wonderful to work with.

Troya year ago

Jeffrey Steiner was very helpful and informative with my boat loan inquiries.

Rob Canizaleza year ago

Fast, friendly and helpful service.

Ca year ago

Very nice guy gave me information I was needing it was very professional

Calvin a year ago

Great customer service, fast reply, very knowledgeable, very helpful

Matthew danielowski a year ago

Lots of great information

Raya year ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Of Financing With Boatzon

Boatzon’s instant pre-qualification process does not impact your credit score. Boatzon conducts a soft pull on your credit to provide you with a pre-qualification and APR rate options. Boatzon works with 20+ marine banks and lenders to get you the best rate in the market and up to 240-month terms on your loan. With our pre-qualification process, we are typically able to provide same day approvals and some of our lenders can fund your loan in as fast as 24 hours.

How Does Your Pre-Qualification Not Affect My Credit?

Boatzon conducts a soft pull on your credit file, which does not negatively affect your credit score. Be cautious, other companies may conduct a hard credit inquiry, which may impact your credit score and stay on your credit reports for about two years.

Will I receive A Pre-Qualification Letter?

Yes! We will send you a pre-qualification letter to your email address if you would like to provide to a dealership or seller.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved?

We try to get an approval status for you the same day. Of course, depending on the time of day you submit your pre-qualification. If you submit your pre-qualification before 3 PM Eastern Time, we will work hard to provide you with an approval status the same day.

What Is the Minimum Credit Score Needed?

Our minimum credit score is 620. We work hard and help you get approved, even if you have a slightly lower credit score. Keep in mind, lower credit score can mean higher APR rates for a boat purchase.

What If I’m Still Deciding Between Boats?

That’s ok! Your pre-qualification is good for 30 days and you have time to find your perfect boat.

Boat Loan Calculator Overview

If you need a boat loan to cover the purchase of a new or used boat, the Boatzon loan calculator can help you determine what type of boat you can afford. Use this boat loan calculator to estimate the cost of a personal loan used to finance a boat. Enter your expected loan amount, your estimated credit score, your down payment, and desired loan term months to see your estimated monthly payments. Your estimated monthly payment for your loan will be displayed in the field above the calculator. If you are happy with your monthly payment calculation, proceed to the next step by clicking the "Get Pre-Qualified Now" button.


Typically, a credit score of 700 and above is ideal for a boat loan, but a score in the upper-600 range should not be an issue. Many lenders can provide loans even if you have bad credit. However, you may have higher interest rates, lower loan amounts and repayment terms. Typically, anything under 630 is considered a bad credit rating and tend to have higher loan rates. Many lenders allow cosigned loans or join applications. These are loans where someone with better credit co-signs the loan with you. However, the person who cosigned for the loan is also responsible for the loan so if you default on the payment, it could hurt their credit as well as your own.


This is the amount you expect to borrow. Boatzon offers secured and unsecured loans. Unsecured loans can be as high as $100,000, while secured loans can be up to 25 million. Keep in mind, taxes and charges may not be included in your estimated loan amount. This amount may be slightly different than financing terms at closing.


The annual percentage rate is the interest rate you expect to get on the loan. Some factors that determine your APR on a boat loan include whether it is a secured or unsecured loan, your credit score and history, your income, and existing debts or trade lines.


You can choose to pay an amount as a down payment for the boat purchase. In most cases, you’ll need to put 10-20% down on your purchase.


This is how long you think you’ll need to repay the loan. Unsecured loans often have repayment terms of two to seven years; secured boat loan terms can be as long as 20 years. Longer repayment terms typically mean lower monthly payments, but you'll pay more in total interest. A shorter loan term could reduce your costs in the long run, but it will likely raise your monthly payments.


Boatzon conducts a soft credit pull and does not negatively impact your credit report. Furthermore, your social security number is not required for this pre-qualification process. Boatzon pre-qualification quotes are based on information provided, your actual APR rate and loan term may vary based on the credit application review by the lender(s). Rates may vary based on FICO score, loan to value, open trade lines, as well as the model year and type of vessel.

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