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Boat Navigation Lights

What Are Boat Navigation Lights?

Types of Navigation Lights Think of the different types of lights on your boat as you might the lights on your car. Lights used for navigation on boats include: Stern...

life ring, lifebuoy ring, marine ring signifying safety while boating and/or swimming

National Safe Boating Week is May 20-26, 2023

Boating Safety with Kids   Helpful Tips & Facts on Maintaining Your Boat   Tips for Staying Safe at Sea   How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost

Parts of a Boat

Important Terms for Boat Owners

Boating Lingo Explained Whether you are a boating newbie, a veteran of the industry or are considering buying a boat, it is in your interest to know the industry’s verbiage. ...

Boat Storage

Pros and Cons of 12 Different Boat Storage Options

Outdoor Storage If you store a vessel outside, it won’t have the best protection against sunlight, pests, severe weather, thieves or vandals. You may need to spend money on marine...

Cost of Boat Ownership

A Closer Look at the Cost of Boat Ownership

Purchase Price First, you’ll need to find and buy a vessel that suits you. The price varies depending on its size, features, quality, age and condition. Your choice of a...

Boat Maintenance Tips

Helpful Tips & Facts on Maintaining Your Boat

  Inspections Before you depart for any boating excursion, take the time to inspect your craft. Check engine oil, battery cables and the battery. Confirm that wires haven’t become loose...

Boat Insurance Cost

How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost

What Is Boat Insurance? Boat insurance is a contract product designed to protect your financial interest in your boat as well as provide you with liability coverage in case of...

Essential Boating Products

Essential Boating Products

Most Essential Regardless of whether they have canoes or cabin cruisers, everyone should strongly consider buying these items before they start boating: Life Jacket You can greatly reduce the risk...