The Boatzon Story

We know marine digital retailing. In fact, we started it.

Boatzon is the leading retail, online digital marketplace that allows customers to purchase thousands of new and preowned boats from the comfort of their home. Boatzon utilizes leading FinTech and InsurTech solutions to change the boat buying experience and provide boat buyers the flexibility to customize their boat shopping experience, and even conduct the entire boat purchase online. showcases one of the nation’s largest inventories of new and used boats for sale. Boatzon lets people search, research, and buy a new or used boat entirely online and on their own time. The boat buying experience with Boatzon is fully digital and the site provides financing, insurance, protection plans, and products buyers need to make a confident purchase.

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Our Founding

When we started developing Boatzon, we felt the boating and marine industry has been partially ignored on the Internet. The current leading boating and marine sites have not gotten up to speed on technology, they were a bit outdated, and expensive to the market. We also felt marine dealerships were lacking the modern tools and applications for F & I and digital retailing.

Boatzon today is the first 100% boat and marine retail platform introducing integrated real-time pre-qualifications for financing, real-time insurance and marine protection, and a whole new buying experience for the boating and marine industry.

Early Consumer Growth

After a glimpse of the demand, we learned that boat shoppers wanted more, and we wanted to respond to their desire to meet the needs of today’s shoppers. For consumers, Boatzon provides the time-saving steps and flexibility to customize their boat shopping experience and complete more steps of the purchase online. This process includes real-time prequalification and finance offers, real-time insurance quotes, real-time boat protections quotes, trade-in estimates, and even purchasing a boat from start to finish on or a dealership website.


Dealer Growth

We also learned that marine dealerships were looking for a new, and refreshing solution in the industry. Dealerships have been plagued with the lack of technology, expensive market solutions, and frankly…being double-digit years behind the other vehicle verticals such as the automobile industry.

Today, Boatzon has over 1,500 marine dealerships on reaching hundreds of thousands verified boat shoppers monthly. As a opposed to receiving tire-kicking “leads”, Boatzon’s digital retailing results in a low funnel lead for dealerships with boat buyers who are more likely to convert.

Together and partnering with dealerships, we make it easier for a boat shopper to complete more steps of the boat purchase online while providing dealers with the benefits of a digital F & I suite of applications. Our goal is to offer solutions that can support dealers in their new digital retail journey.

Boatzon Professional For Dealers

Boatzon has also launched Boatzon Professional which is the company’s fastest-growing offerings providing the ability for marine dealerships to offer cutting-edge digital retailing, prequalification, financing, insurance, extended service contracts, and marine product resale opportunities directly on the dealership website. Boatzon Professional is a white-label implementation that enables dealerships to offer these F & I products directly on their website with the dealership’s “look and feel”. Boatzon Professional is a revenue sharing program adding new or enhanced F & I products and revenue streams for dealerships.

The Boatzon Professional Product responds to dealers’ desire to meet the needs of today’s shoppers. The growing appetite for digital retailing or online shopping for boat buyers is a growing market allowing boat buyers to handle more of the boat buying process online. Boatzon Professional transitions the online finance, F & I, and buying process to “in-store”, and allows the dealership to pickup where the consumer left off seamlessly. Furthermore, Boatzon’s digital retailing results in a low funnel lead for dealerships with boat buyers who are more likely to convert.


Better Together & Honored

First and foremost, we hope you enjoy the Boatzon experience, and we are honored to provide a service for an industry and community that we love so much.

When we say we are honored to provide Boatzon to the marine community, that statement comes from a history of passion and love for the community by its founders and team. We promise we will always put our community first and provide an authentic experience.

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