Boat Warranty – The Complete Guide to getting a boat warranty (Extended Service Contract)

Buying and owning a boat is a great and fun experience, but it is often not cheap to maintain it. I have been a boat owner for over 20 years, and I still get overwhelmed with repairs. Or sometimes accidents just happen. Once my boat and engines hit a 3-year term or start racking up hours, I’m always facing maintenance repairs.

I was always skeptical about getting a boat warranty thinking it was too costly or that I didn’t need one. But when I finally got a boat warranty, it changed the way I thought about warranty, how it protected my investment, and how I save money in the long run. Keep in mind, even new boats typically only have hull and engine warranties for 1 or 2 years.

To help educate boat owners on boat warranties, this article will cover the basics on boat warranties, what is a boat warranty versus an extended protection plan, the different kinds of boat warranties, and how to easily obtain a boat warranty in a matter of minutes.

Boat Warranty

What Is A Boat Warranty?

We all use the word “warranty” in conversations, but an extended boat warranty is technically referred to as extended service contracts or extended protection plan. The technical difference in this terminology is that a “warranty” is a guarantee provided by a manufacturer for a new boat and typically cannot be extended or purchased. The warranty is included with the sale of the boat, engine, or product.

When you are purchasing a warranty to protect your used boat, you are really purchasing an extended service contract to cover your boat and engine.

Another important note, these extended service contracts are not insurance. An extended service contract will not cover damage caused by a hurricane or weather, accidents, or even operator error.

Both terminology “warranty” and “extended service contract” are extremely similar, just think of extended service contracts being protective coverage not by a manufacture, but by a separate company.


What Is Covered with An Extended Service Contract?

The coverage of your service contract really depends on the company you purchase your service contract through. It is important to understand that not all the coverage is created equal. Every contract has coverage limits and exclusions, and it is important to understand what those are prior to purchasing. Extended Service Contracts can be purchased to protect you after your manufacturer’s warranty expires or for those customers purchasing a used boat where no warranty exists.

BoatzonProtect offers three packages for consumers to choose from.

  • Complete Boat – thorough boat and engine coverage
  • Complete Boat & Cabin – thorough boat, engine, and cabin coverage
  • Engine Protection – Engine Only Coverage

For comprehensive coverage details, you can review the specifications here.


How Much Does an Extended Service Contract Cost?

In the past, boat or engine extended service pricing has been a bit of mystery or not published on websites. However, we are going to give you some inside knowledge and examples on pricing. Pricing is often determined by the purchase price of a boat and or the engine horsepower. Note, most carriers do not offer coverage for boats over 20 years old. Below are some sample rates with protecting your boat with an extended service contract with BoatzonProtect.

  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $50,000 = ~$984
  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $75,000 = ~$1,020
  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $100,000 = ~$1,228
  • Complete Coverage for a boat with a purchase price of $200,000 = ~$1,621
  • Engine only coverage for a 115hp engine = ~$824
  • Engine only coverage for a 250hp engine = ~$1,088
  • Engine only coverage for a 300hp engine = $~1,289


How Can I Get an Extended Service Contract?

There are a handful of companies that you can get a boat warranty or extended service contract with. Boatzon is the only company that will provide you with real, live rates online and same day activation. A pet peeve of mine is trying to obtain a service and having to fill out a form to be contacted. With Boatzon, you can enter in your information, a few details of your boat, see quotes online, and pay for your boat warranty online. If you have your serial number(s) for your engine and your boat hull identification number (HIN) handy, your boat warranty policy can be active the same day.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter your personal information and boat information.

Step 3: See your real-time boat or engine warranty quotes.

Step 4: Pay for your desired policy terms. You can choose to pay in full, or monthly payments.

Step 5: Enter your engine serial number(s) and hull identification number to activate your policy.

Step 6: And your boat is protected!


How Do I File a Claim And Get Reimbursed?

Boatzon makes filing a claim very easy, and it is the first service to offer a nearly 100% online claim process. Below are the steps to submit a claim:

  • Navigate to and login.
  • Upload your estimated from a certified shop or provider.
  • Upload your claim photos. An example might be photos of your engine repair needs.
  • Enter your bank account information to get paid or reimbursed.

It is easy to submit a claim and get paid or reimbursed. We put some tips below to help document your claim.

  • Save and include all documentation and receipts.
  • Capture and save photos of damages.
  • Record and save serial numbers from damaged parts.
  • Record and save conversations with technicians for the work performed.


What Is Not Covered In An Extended Service Contract?

You need to fully understand what is not typically covered in a boat extended service contract. It is important to note that boat warranties or extended service contracts are not boat insurance. Below are examples and instances where you may not be covered or protected.

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Boating Accidents
  • Improper use or negligence of boat storage or operation
  • Typically, warranties do not cover aftermarket parts or customizations, or non-factory repair work on the boat.

It is important to read and review the terms of your extended service contract for your boat or engine, so you fully understand what is covered in the event of a claim. An important tip, some providers require proof of regular boat or engine maintenance.


Are There Any Restrictions to Get an Extended Service Contract?

The biggest restriction on obtaining a boat warranty or extended service contact is the age of the boat or engine. If the boat or engine is over 20 years old, it is going to be very tough or impossible to obtain a service contract. Furthermore, if you find a warranty provider to protect a boat or engine over 20 years old, please review the terms of your contract carefully. The other factor is the purchase price of the boat. If your boat is a 60ft Viking Sportfisherman worth 5 million dollars, and extended service contract provider is not going to be for you.


How and Who Performs Repairs Under an Extended Service Contract?

Boatzon gives you the ability to use any dealer or certified mechanic for your boat or engine repairs.


Is Your Boat Extended Service Contract Transferable?

This is a common question asked, an extended service contract can add resale value to a boat or engine. Because the extended service contract applies to the boat or engine itself and not the original owner, a boat extended service contract is transferable in most cases. However, please read your terms on the extended service contract to be assured that your policy is transferable.


TIP: Do Regular Maintenance

Lastly, just because you get a boat warranty or extended service contract it doesn’t mean you should slack on general maintenance of your boat and engine. Regular maintenance helps prevent small issues from becoming larger problems and increase repair costs.