Top 8 Bass Boat Manufacturers

Back in the day, when your grandfather and his friends got to talking about bass boats, they were referring to a row boat with oars or maybe a canoe, possibly fitted with a small outboard motor, that could be tossed into the back of a pickup truck and hauled down to the local fishing hole. They were simple and practical fishing boats that got the job done but were very limited in their capabilities and not very comfortable. Eventually, as serious sport fishing and tournaments became more popular, bass boats became more specialized and better equipped, designed for maximum efficiency as well as comfort and convenience to give the angler the best possible advantage and enjoyment.

These days, new technologies have allowed for the development of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques making possible the creation of a whole new class of bass boats. Lightweight yet strong and durable, aerodynamically designed for speed and stability on the water, outfitted with the latest equipment and electronics, and powered by sophisticated engines delivering pulse-quickening horsepower, today’s bass boats are truly state-of-the-art. We’ll take a look at the different types available, and eight of the best bass boat manufacturers producing them.

bass boat in the water

Types Of Bass Boats

Although technically a bass boat can be made out of anything from wood to steel to carbon fiber, the most popular choices are fiberglass and aluminum. Both materials have their own strengths and weaknesses and perform best in specific fishing situations.

Fiberglass Bass Boats

Fiberglass construction allows for the use of more complex curves and shapes in the design to increase aerodynamic characteristics and structural strength while decreasing weight, as well as adding built-in utility spaces and features. They tend to weigh more than aluminum boats and thus carry more draft, making them more stable in rough or choppy water and at high speeds, and not as easily blown around by the breeze. They’re a great choice for large lakes, bays, and rivers where you need to travel to different spots quickly. Fiberglass boats can be manufactured in almost any color or custom pattern imaginable. Fiberglass bass boats are usually more expensive than comparable aluminum boats and are more costly to repair when damaged.

Aluminum Bass Boats

Aluminum hulls are lighter and draw less draft, making them easier to handle and maneuver, especially in shallow, tight spots like coves and inlets, but also less stable on choppy water and at high speeds. Less weight makes aluminum fishing boats easier to tow and launch, and less draft reduces drag and provides better fuel efficiency on the water. Aluminum bass boats are generally less expensive to purchase and they require very little maintenance. Impact damage is normally confined to dents, but even holes and tears are relatively easy and cheap to repair compared to fiberglass.

The 8 Best Bass Boat Manufacturers

Here’s our list of the top bass boat brands based on popularity, reputation, and quality. These companies are making the best fishing boats on the market today, with a wide variety of models and equipment packages to meet any purpose and budget.


Undoubtedly the best-known manufacturer of bass boats, Ranger has been building high-quality watercraft for sportsmen since 1968. The company has acquired a reputation for cutting-edge designs, superior performance, and durable long-lasting products. They carry a wide range of both fiberglass and aluminum bass boats that are in high demand by both amateur and professional anglers. They offer six models of aluminum bass boats, with all-welded construction and foam-filled hulls, and 11 models of fiberglass bass boats. Sizes range from 18”8” to 21”9”.


An industry leader in fishing boats for many years, Crestliner specializes in aluminum bass boats featuring all-welded interlocking construction, work-hardened sidewalls, double-welded all-metal transoms, and innovative proprietary hull designs for some of the most sturdy, durable, and best-performing aluminum sport and utility boats available. They offer several models of bass boats in sizes ranging from 16 to 21 feet, and engine options from 20 to 250 horsepower. Their products are backed up with a lifetime limited warranty on main seam welds and a three-year stem-to-stern manufacturer’s warranty.


Another manufacturer that builds only aluminum watercraft, Lowe makes several product lines targeted to anglers, hunters, recreational boaters, and general utility users. They carry two lines with boats designed specifically for bass fishing, the economical Skorpion line with three different models ranging from 16 to 17 feet in length, and the deluxe Stinger lineup, with four models outfitted for bass, ranging in length from 17 ‘7″ to 19”9”. The company is known for its affordable yet high-quality craftsmanship, and for comfortable, spacious, and practical passenger accommodations.


One of the oldest and most respected names on our list, in the boat building business since 1948, the company manufactures both aluminum and fiberglass boats, and their products are renowned for their focus on durability, stability, reliability, and practical utility rather than flashy looks or speed. They carry two lines of bass boats, the Pro-V Bass XS, designed for tournament fishing with all the bells and whistles included, and the Renegade line of more affordable options with models intended for bass as well as other species. Sizes range from 17’9” to 20’10”.


The company is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary, and they’re well-known and respected among anglers. They build high-end, and expensive, bass boats using cutting-edge technology and materials, including composite construction, advanced manufacturing techniques, and innovative designs, including the FXR, ZXR, and ZX series in lengths ranging from 18 ‘6″ to 21’4”. They’ve won the ‘Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for Fiberglass Outboard Boats’ award for 22 years in a row. A great choice for the serious bass fisherman willing to invest in professional-quality equipment.


Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, the company builds high-end fiberglass fishing boats intended for the discriminating angler. Their tournament-class bass boats, ranging in size from 18’6” to 21’, are designed for maximum performance on the water and come outfitted with the latest in fish-finding equipment and accessories. Their newest offering, the 20XP Patriot, is capable of speeds above 70 mph. They’re available in 14 different color and trim packages with matching trailers.


This company has made its name with all-welded aluminum boats and produces a wide variety of fishing boats for several species, including crappie, catfish, and of course bass. They also make boats for hunters and other purposes. They offer their Xclusive Pro Bass Series and Hyper Lift lines of bass boats ranging from beginner level to tournament class and in lengths from 17 to 21 feet. Their boats come reasonably equipped with standard features and a large list of attractive optional features including blinker trim control and premium sound systems. They’re an affordable, durable, and reliable choice.


This company has become the leading seller of all-welded aluminum bass boats in the nation by offering a wide selection of very affordable boats loaded with attractive standard features, such as MinnKota trolling motors, Lowrance color fish finders, and pedestal seats at the bow and stern. They’ve also increased their brand popularity through their partnerships with Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Boating Centers. They offer a line of six different modified-V bass boats in lengths ranging from 16’8” to 18’7”  that will satisfy the average fisherman without breaking the bank.

Bass Cat

Started in 1971, this company has carved a niche in the market by being a small-volume manufacturer of top-tier competition-class bass boats targeted towards the professional angler or the serious hobbyist who doesn’t mind paying a premium for custom-crafted quality. Their lines include the Premium, with six models, and Advantage and Vision, each with two models, with available lengths from 17’7” to 22’. Bass Cat offers standard features that you won’t find from other manufacturers, along with a lifetime transferable structural warranty.

Whatever your preferences or budget, you’re sure to find the bass boat of your dreams among our list of top bass boat manufacturers. Good luck, and remember, shopping is half the fun!