Boats of the Rich and Famous

Whether you currently own a luxury boat, have a midsize or smaller boat or are considering buying a boat, it is hard not to be enamored by the watercraft owned or chartered by celebrities and the rich and famous. Celebrity yachts seem to have no limits.

Why the fascination with those off-the-chain boats?

First, it is fun to think about the options that are available when price is no barrier. It is also interesting to see what excesses are available.

Are you ready to climb aboard and take a look at some celebrity yachts and boats of the rich and famous?

boats of the rich and famous

Tennis Star Rafael Nadal

Nadal not only often cruises past his opponents on the courts but also spends downtime on his customized 80 Sunreef Power catamarran. While he is not new to luxury watercraft, his previous boats were monohulls. The space on “Great White” is what attracted him most, but so did a flybridge with a bar and barbecue, a waterski garage, an ice cream and coffee bar, and an expansive luxury interior. The $8.5 million investment was designed to be the largest boat that could be docked at its home port in Monaco.

Fighter Conor McGregor

The mixed martial arts fighter has had his ups and downs, but when it came to choosing a luxury yacht, McGregor kicked in $3.6 million for his Lamborghini 63, known as “The Supercar of the Sea.” The 63-foot yacht is powered by twin V12 engines. The boat has a top speed of 63 knots (about 72 mph), and only 63 were crafted. On land, Conor has also been spotted driving a Lambo.

Author J.K. Rowling

One luxury yacht, now owned by a businessperson in the U.S., has quite a celebrity provenance. It was once owned by actor Johnny Depp and sold to Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling. Rowling reported paid $27 million for Depp’s pirate-themed luxury boat.

Golfer Tiger Woods

When you are as wealthy, famous, and recognizable as Tiger Woods, a massive luxury yacht of 155 feet in length can be viewed as a practical investment. Tiger has been known to live on the $20 million vessel when on tour, as opposed to staying in hotels. Named “Privacy”, it is one of the larger yachts owned by a celebrity.

Celebrity Kylie Jenner

While the Kardashians have been tied to multiple luxury yachts, Kylie Jenner’s rental of a nearly 300-foot yacht is worth noting. Kylie rented the $250 million yacht for a relatively obscure 22nd birthday. The rent for one week? $1.2 million. It did, however, come with a spa, sauna, Turkish bath, beauty salon, theater, and more. Ironically, the yacht was named “Tranquility”.

Soccer Great David Beckham

He went from playing soccer to owning a soccer team in Miami, where there may be no better place to own a luxury yacht. Beckham and his Spice Girl wife spend free time on the luxury boat valued at about $230 million. The yacht has a pool, a theater, a karaoke system, and more. It has room for an entire soccer team.

Designer Georgio Armani

Virtually every list of celebrity yachts includes that of designer Georgio Armani.

Perhaps it is because he has two. One vessel features seven luxurious cabins with room for an amazingly decadent voyage for 12.

This $60 million exquisitely appointed boat has amenities that include a theater, gym, and interiors designed by Armani himself. This is a classic example of sweat equity. The yacht, with a military green exterior, is 213 feet in length. Other aspects of the boat that captured people’s interest is that the craft has an ice-classified hull, a helipad, and a nautical range of 6,000 miles.

Entertainment Mogul Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has built an entertainment empire but has a fleet of only one. But what a luxury yacht it is. Rising Sun spans 452 feet and includes a basketball court, gym, cinema, wine cellar, and more. All in all, Oprah’s celebrity yacht has over 80 rooms. The luxury craft is said to be worth $300 million.

Businessperson Jeff Bezos

Of course, Jeff Bezos has a mega-yacht. It is a whopping 417 feet in length. That is so big that it has to be docked with tankers and cargo ships at Port Everglades, Florida. The Amazon’s owner’s ship is named the Koru, which translates to “regeneration.” The yacht is meticulously appointed and includes an on-deck swimming pool. A secondary support yacht has a helipad that travels near the Koru, so transportation can be easily facilitated for Bezos and guests when it is at sea. The support yacht also provides additional accommodation for staff and often sails alongside the Koru with additional supplies. Now that’s “prime”.

Former Quarterback Tom Brady

Brady had famously owned “Viva la Vida”, a yacht named in honor of his then wife Gisele. Brady has moved on from football, Gisele, and his previous luxury boat and is now proud owner of “Tw12ve Angels.” His new boat is a Wajer 77, crafted for both comfort and performance. Brady has been seen cruising the waters in and around Miami on his $6 million yacht. The Brady boat has room for nine in cozy spaces that are well insulated to dampen sound and vibrations.

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan

NBA legend Michael Jordan purchased his superyacht “Joy” in 2016. The 230-foot vessel has eight cabins, a spa, a jacuzzi, a theater, and a large dining area. Jordan, who seems to collect yachts like he did NBA titles, also has been credited with owning “Catch 32,” a $7 million craft, along with the $21 million “Mr. Terrible.” Since everything owned by Jordan seems to increase in value, all this seems like a solid financial strategy.

Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich

Let’s start with a mini-submarine, three landing craft, two helicopter pads, and a crew of 70. That’s just the basics of Abramovich’s “Eclipse” super-yacht. This massive vessel is 533 feet in length, and is said to have cost $700 million, and is now worth $1.5 billion. If being a Russian billionaire doesn’t make you a celebrity, owning this amazing super yacht will. It is estimated to cost over $1 million weekly to operate and maintain.

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