Boatzon Services

Changing the marine and boating online experience.

Boatzon aims to not only deliver a new experience to the marine and boating industry, but we wanted to change how the industry transacted.

Getting a boat loan, engine loan, insurance, warranty, and even maintenance services are still cumbersome processes, and many boaters are in the dark on how to inquire or obtain these services from credible companies and at competitive rates.

Boatzon Insurance

Progressive, All State, Geico, State Farm…. they are all great companies and offer an umbrella of insurance services. However, their boat insurance rates are sometimes not extremely competitive. Their primary business focus is auto, home, or life insurance, and typically do not have the expertise in boat insurance. Which often leads to over coverage, missed discounts, and ultimately higher rates for you. There are also a ton of resellers out there, but most are just reselling these companies as well.

Boatzon Insurance Group is a marine insurance agency and partner to, which specializes in the marine industry and boats to deliver the best coverage at the lowest rates to our members. We have the experience to inquire and deliver the most discounts and correct coverage for your boat. Whether you’re looking for a policy on a new boat or would like to save money on your existing boat insurance policy, we will offer you the lowest rate possible.

Disclosure: Boatzon Insurance Group is a wholly separate entity from

Boatzon Loans & Financing

Boat financing is still cumbersome to many boat owners and sometimes not achievable because of lack of knowledge. Traditional banks view a boat purchase as a luxury asset, often leading to boat owners paying very high loan rates. Potential boat owners combat options of:

  • Should I contact my local bank for a loan?

  • Should I search for a specialty bank online? Is this really a bank or broker?

  • Should I fill out another form online?

  • Are all these sites checking my credit and hurting my credit score?

  • Should I get financing through a boat dealer? Who is the lender via the dealer? Is the dealer adding points to my loan?

Boatzon is the first integrated and simple process for securing a loan on a boat, engine, trailer, or any marine product such as electronics. As the financial hub, we offer full transparency and many loan rates from multiple marine banks and lenders. Best of all, we can get you pre-qualified for a boat or any product typically within 24 hours and without impacting your credit score.

More services to come

We don’t want to leak any news, but we have more innovative and exciting services coming to Boatzon soon.